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Title Services

We offer a complete range of title insurance products and escrow services, all at competitive rates. Whether it's a residential or commercial, new purchase or refinance, FHA or VA, escrow services, cash transactions and more.

With multiple underwriters, you can be assured of the best price for your transaction. Our title staff can handle the full panoply of title requests, from O&Es to farm packages, from title insurance policies to more complicated title issues. Assured takes pride in maintaining an efficient and reliable title department, with turn times competitive with all other industry participants.

  • Mortgage Policies
  • Owners Policies
  • Owner's Title Insurance
  • Lender's Title Insurance (Reissue Credit Available)
  • Full (30-year) Searches
  • Current Owner Searches
  • Consultation on Pre- or Post-Closing Matters
  • Preparation of all Legal Documents Related to Real Estate
  • Pre-signing of Documents
  • Lien Searches
  • Co-op Searches
  • Recording of Mortgage
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Filing Documents
  • Tax Information
  • 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
  • Purchase/Sale of Residential or Commercial Real Estate
  • Notary Services
  • Out-of-Office Closings
  • Refinance Closings
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We provide comprehensive settlement services for home buyers, sellers, and refinancing at an affordable price.

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